MiSS KiMMiE KiM KiM (so_verii_piink) wrote in cutecreati0ns,

Hey.. I'm new...

Hey...I just really wanted to learn how to make my livejournal all pretty...So I was wandering if you can teach me how to make one... or like when I get a layout where to put it... I'm very clueless about graphics and layouts... I have no idea even where to put it in my livejournal... Lol see very clueless... Thanks... If you're willing to do so... post in my livejournal or e-mail me at pretiixnxpiink@aol.com so I know that you could help me... I'd greatly apprecticate it!! =] But if you can for now... make me a layout... um... lol It's not going to be very specific cause I don't really know how to explain it... I first want it to be the layout that has all the entries in a small box in the center... Then I have two suggestions... which ever one is easiest for you... for me to give you a picture... so you can put it in my layout like in the top.. or to make a background that has stripes going up and down... having the whole main background black and the stripes as white, pastel pink, and a pink that is close to hot pink.. but not to hot... lol basically another pink that matches.. thanks =] so much!!
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